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Meghan Markle's Outfits That Have Annoyed The Most People

The looks that broke the internet.
Meghan Markle's Outfits That Have Annoyed The Most People

Anyone in the public eye should expect to be under constant scrutiny. This must be an incredibly complicated way to live. When it comes to Meghan, a bi-racial previously divorced American, she is under double scrutiny.

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Instead of taking the safe route and conforming to the Royal Family's traditional dressing guidelines, Meghan Markle - being the bold woman that she is -  breaks them in the most understated ways. What a badass. Many people criticize her, I think she should be praised for showing her personality in creative ways.

It's not like she's wearing anything crazy revealing, wild, or eccentric. Instead, Meghan will often take the more subtle route by donning a low neckline or dark nail polish. And when she does, the internet goes absolutely wild. Here are some of her most shocking and controversial looks.

1. Sleeveless dress at a memorial service

When Meghan Markle wore this dress to a memorial service, she wasn't even a royal yet. Now, that's bold. Although this dress at first glance appears conservative, the sleeveless and v-neck cut was considered terribly inappropriate for the context. Many people claimed she should "cover up" as the service was in a church and it was for a homicide victim.

2. Off-the-shoulder dress at a garden party

This dress broke the internet. I know, it's just a dress. But in the eyes of the Royal Family, this dress was a subtle way Meghan Markle claimed: "I play by my own rules." Although the pale color was considered appropriate, the cut was definitely not. Off-the-shoulder cuts are traditionally not worn by the women of the royal family and considered too "revealing." I guess Meghan Markle is making her own rules now.

3.  Insanely Expensive Organza shirt

Hiding behind these beautiful engagement photos is yet another controversy. This time, it's not about the cut of her outfit or the color, it's the price. This black tulle gown with silk organza and hand appliquéd embroidered with gold feather cost a whopping £56,000. Outraged Brits complained that it costs twice as the average wage in the UK, and that money could be better spent helping people who really need it instead.

4.  Allegedly wore the wrong color tights

Just when you thought Meghan Markle was following the rules and sticking to the traditional guidelines of the Royal Family, she - GASP, wears the wrong color tights and the internet breaks all over again. Markle wore this muted and conservative outfit to Price Charles 70th birthday. As per standard royal protocol, she wore tights to this formal occasion, a rule that she had ignored up until now. She shows up to this event, however, allegedly wearing the wrong color! Poor Meghan, no wonder her smiles are looking more forced as the days go by.

5. She wore green when everyone else wore blue

As you can easily see from this photo, Meghan sticks out like a sore thumb. Although this dress did receive mixed reviews, most people were shocked that she would choose to intentionally go against the obviously pre-planned color scheme for this happy occasion.

6. A shocking "little black dress"

@kensingtonroyalembedded via

I know what you're thinking, there is entirely nothing wrong with this dress. It's black, long, and not at all revealing. Well, unfortunately for Megan, people will always try to point out something, this time she was criticised for her choice of designer. Markle wore this dress by designer Emilia Wickstead, who publicly criticised Meghan’s wedding dress as being a rip-off of one of her creations. Despite the criticism from this designer, she went ahead and wore this dress to an event after her wedding.

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