Meghan Markle's Toronto House Has A Buyer

Take a peek inside the nearly $1.5 million home.
Meghan Markle's Toronto House Has A Buyer

A buyer has been found for the Toronto house in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used to spend time together, prior to their engagement last month.

The selling began at 4 pm on Wednesday.

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The final selling price won't be revealed till the buyer's cheque has been deposited.

However, the house was listed at $ 1.395 million.

It has two bedrooms and three storeys, and was rented by Markle for two years.

150 people attended the open house last weekend, some waiting for as long as 20 minutes.

Most of the attendees turned out to be curious royal fans. Only 20 were prospective buyers.

The real estate agent said that he didn't expect a "princess premium" on the property.

Apparently, houses don't increase in value just because a princess used the washroom.

Markle is originally from Los Angeles, but used to live part-time in Toronto.

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