Melania Trump Totally Copied Princess Diana While Meeting The Queen Today

While many have been focused on Trump's awkward handshake fail with the Queen earlier today, some others were too busy looking at Melania's outfit. 

The First Lady was dressed in an all-white dress and matching hat that was very reminiscent of the one and only Lady Di. 

People online were quick to notice the similarities between Melania's outfit and those of the late Princess of Wales, and even outfits worn by Meghan Markle that shared these similarities.

The President and First Lady passed their State Visit at Buckingham Palace where they toured parts of the palace and had lunch together. They even had the Star Spangled Banner played by the Band of Regiment, according to this post on the Royal Family's Instagram account. 

While at Buckingham Palace, the President and First Lady also viewed items from the "Royal Collection," which illustrtates the "enduring relationship between the US and the UK." 

Which was maybe the Queen's subtle way of delivering our next favourite Queen Mother's line: Don't fuck it up.

Leading up to the visit, Trump did his classic Twitterstorm move, tweeting all sorts of rude nonsense about local political leaders and also managing to bring CNN into the conversation despite being abroad.

And while many people protested the President's visit alongside Melania, others were pleasantly surprised with Melania's "homage" to Princess Diana by way of her outfit. 

There is certainly a striking resemblance, so much so that it would be hard to argue that it wasn't intentional. I would imagine it was intentional and meant with the kindest intentions... but whether or not people took it like that is another story entirely.

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There were a fair amount of people that didn't appreciate the move, saying that Melania's attempt to pull off a Diana-inspired look was just a "cosplay."

Whether or not you think Melania's outfit was a kind homage to the late Princess Diana or not, one thing is for sure: Trump totally tried to thumb war with the Queen and that's all that matters. 

That and... y'know, the longstanding peace between two powerful nations...