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Men Who Wear Red Tend To Have More Sex

Switch your black tie for a red one, right now!
Men Who Wear Red Tend To Have More Sex

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A woman in a short red dress is a classic symbol of seduction, as we've all seen in the Matrix. According to two recent studies, however, red goes both ways, as women have been shown to be more attracted to fellas wearing a crimson hue.

Wuhan University in China just completed a scientific study that proved what we already kind of knew, that red is a colour of seduction. More interesting, however, is the fact that women were found to be much more attracted to men wearing some, but not an overabundance, of red.

Another study done in 2010 by the University of Rochester had the same findings, as Complex pointed out. Looking at the social-psychological effects of seeing red, the study found that women associated the shade with power and status, which then lead to a sexual attraction.

UofR has done a few red-studies,one demonstrating how simply by wearing red your physical speed and reactions are improved. Red seems to be the perfect colour for getting some, as not only will partners be inherently more into you, you'll be able to perform better, at least while your clothes stay on.

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