Mice Are Invading Montreal Apartments & Homes

Pest control company warns of more mice in Montreal.
Mice Are Invading Montreal Apartments & Homes

Photo cred - unciepaul

Cold weather brings people indoors, and not only humans, as the dropping temperatures are sending an influx of mice into Montreal's homes and apartments, reports CBC. Quoting the Skedaddle Wildlife Control, more and more Montreal living spaces are being invaded by mice, so watch where you're walking at home.

According the the manager of the pest control organization, Chris Grabas, this winter has brought more mice into Montreal homes more than before, with 70% of all pest-reports being about friends of Mickey.

Seeking warmth from the cold, mice are heading into any living space, not just uncleanly ones with food lying about. So even if you're a neat freak, don't think you're entirely safe from a mouse moving in.

Let's also not forget that it's mating season for both raccoon and squirrels right now, and just like us, they like a warm spot to do the dirty, so your home may find some horny pests too. Honestly, I think finding a couple of squirrels/raccoon going at it is WAY worse than a cute little mouse.

To ensure your home remains safe from a mouse invasion, you can't have any little holes leading into your abode. Those with apartments, don't think your automatically safe, as mice tend to live in attics, walls, and under floorboards, so don't think a mouse won't rush into your building's revolving door then explore around 'til they find your living space.

Please remember to use humane methods of removing mice if you do happen to have a one in your place, because while a mouse may be a 'pest' that doesn't mean they deserve to be executed. Grabas even states that exterminators are a quick solution, but not ideal in the long term.