You Can Live In A Micro-Home At The Olympic Stadium This Weekend

Small is the new big in the real estate world, in case you hadn't heard. With the (not very tall) rise of micro-homes taking the real estate spotlight off and online, people are going super small when it comes to new homes. Even Montreal is getting with the small.

For those who aren't in the know, a micro-home is the result of the "small house movement," a recent real estate development that favours less square feet in a house, as they are inherently more affordable, practical, and environmentally friendly than a larger home. No clear definition exists to what makes a micro-home, but generally it's a title given to homes between 400 square feet and 1,000 square feet.

Here's a homegrown example to give you a visual.

But even if the concept of a micro-home is totally foreign to you, and you're currently scratching your head asking "how the hell can someone live in a literal shoe box?" then you're in luck, because you can experience the micro-lifestyle this weekend at Montreal's pop-up Micro-Housing Village.

Put on as part of the ExpoHabitation (or Montreal HomeExpo for the Anglophones) at the Olympic Stadium, the Micro-Housing Village will feature five different micro-constructions created by five different architectural firms. Each home will vary in size and amenities, but all will showcase just how much one can get out of a home that isn't very large, with the end goal of persuading local municipalities, builders, and homeowners to be open to the micro-home movement.

There's a lot more than tiny houses going at ExpoHabitation, in case miniature real estate really isn't your thing. A huge "Flavours, Arts & Crafts Pavilion" will be on-site, allowing you to taste the delicious wares of local vendors, along with seminars, exhibitors, and presentations having to do with all things about owning and building a home.

The Micro-Housing Village and ExpoHabitation itself begins this Thursday, October 22nd and runs until Sunday, October 25th, ending at 5pm. For more information and details, head to ExpoHabitation's official website here.