Mike Myers In Downtown Montreal To Greet Fans This Week

'Party time! excellent!'
Mike Myers In Downtown Montreal To Greet Fans This Week

Believe me when I say this, but Montreal really needs to start keeping an eye out for movie stars because lately, you just never know who you might run into.

We used to get like one celebrity a year here. But now, they're everywhere.

Recently there was Bruce Willis and Ben Stiller, not to mention the cluster of stars  that invaded Montreal over the summer.

And did we mention Keanu? We gotta mention Keanu!

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Yesterday, Mike Myers, Canada's most famous comedian of all time sneaked into Montreal and made a few fans very happy.

Depending on your age, you probably know Mike Myers either from Wayne's World (Excellent), Austin Powers or Shrek and if you're lucky enough, then you also remember him from Saturday Night Live.

Myers was in town promoting the launch of his new book "Canada".

The book signing too place at Indigo Place Montréal Trust.

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*Cover photo of when he was in Ottawa

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