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Montreal's #1 Ranked Borough To Live In By 2018

Some of the greatest neighbourhood vibes in the whole city.
Montreal's #1 Ranked Borough To Live In By 2018

Have you been to Montreal's Mile-Ex yet? If you haven't, then I'm currently feeling just a little sorry for you. Situated right between Parc-Ex and the Mile End, Mile-Ex totally takes the best of both these boroughs and combines it into one seriously awesome Montreal spot.

What makes it so awesome? Well, friends, this vibrant borough is basically a hub of activity; there are tons of bars, restaurants, and parks for you guys to enjoy, lots of things to do, and plenty of awesome things to see. Honestly, it's no wonder so many people have been moving to this versatile borough in recent years, and Ateliers Castelnau puts you in the heart of it all.

Here are just a few reasons that make Mile-Ex Montreal's #1 borough to live in by 2018.

It's home to some of Montreal's trendiest restaurants!

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Mile-Ex is home to some of Montreal's best eateries, including Dinette Triple Crown - famous for its beyond delicious fried chicken, and its adorable picnic basket meals - and Le Mile-Ex Restaurant, which just might be responsible for the borough's name.

This is great news for people who have yet to totally immerse themselves in Montreal famous foodie offerings, although, if I'm being honest, it's good news for everyone. There's no such thing as too much Dinette Triple Crown, friends. No such thing at all.

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Le Ballpark, a relatively new spot focusing on serving up some on-point meatballs, is another that comes to mind, as does Spoum, a new ice cream shop specializing in an ice-cream/mousse mix.

And that's not even mentioning the super popular Manitoba Restaurant. Serving up locally-sourced, foraged ingredients, Manitoba is no doubt one of the trendiest restaurants in the city right now. So the fact that it's in the super trendy Mile-Ex neighbourhood? Yeah. Super, super fitting.

And loads of cool hangouts.

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The fact that Alexanderplatz is knownto regularly throw block parties in the neighbourhood, complete with food trucks, picnic tables, and nightime markets, is a huge testament to how awesome this spot really is. So, if you're down for a whole lot of fun, and a drink or two surrounded my cool people, you know where you've got to go.

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Then again, there are those of us who want a something a bit more chill, but still want some liveliness at the same time . For a little a mix of both, Mile-Ex boasts a ton of calmer - but still incredibly fun - brasseries, like Harricana. This contemporary spot offers up craft beers and beyond tasty food - including some seriously legit brunch options. Basically heaven.

You'll find some seriously affordable and luxurious condos.

If you'd love to call Mile-Ex home, you obviously need a sweet pad to call your own. One that won't cost you an arm and a leg (and the other leg), and that features all the urban comforts you're looking for. Inspired by the industrial charm of Mile-Ex' vibrant past, seamlessly mixed with the contemporary luxury of today, and perfectly situated close to just about everything, the Ateliers Castelnau project is a perfect example.

Looking at buying a condo in the near future? DevMcGill actually want you to shape the Ateliers Castelnau project yourself, before it completes construction. That means you get exactly what you want and your shiny new Mile-Ex can go from dream home to reality real estate, giving you legit the nicest place out of your friends. Get more info on that right here.

And the freshest products in the city.

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Being conveniently located right between Mile-End and Parc-Ex means that it's close to literally everything. Feel like swinging by St. Viateur for some bagels? Go for it. Want to head out to Olimpico for an espresso? No problem. Feel like dipping into Little Italy for some authentic Italian dishes? You'll be there in one minute, flat.

And if you're in the mood for takinga stroll through the vibrant and beautiful Marché Jean Talon, then have I got some good news for you. Your new home in Mile-Ex is super close to Marché Jean Talon, meaning you can head out there basically whenever - sans travel time. So, go ahead - stock up on some of the freshest food Montreal has to offer, and then head back to the coolest borough the city has to offer.

It's home to many lush parks...

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Not everyone's definition of fun involves sipping on drinks and soaking in the party vibes. That's cool. Mile-Ex also happens to have a whole lot of chill things to do, including visiting one of its many beautiful parks.

Jarry Park is particularly gorgeous, with a huge, beautiful fountain. However, Little Italy Park is just as breathtaking, as well, offering up a vast amount of green space and a gazebo. For an extra good time, pick up one of those picnic meals from nearby Dinette Triple Crown I mentioned, set up shop in the park, and enjoy your summer like a boss.

And a unique culture that just can't be beat!

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Never Apart is a gallery/creative space, with built-in theaters for screenings, a garden with a saltwater pool, and an archive of about 10,000 vinyl records! Its mission is to collaborate with local artists to help create positive social change and it regularly hosts events and exhibitions, often free and open to the public. Of course, Never Apart is just one of many art galleries in Mile-Ex, so if you've got the art bug, this borough has more than got you covered.

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There's also the infamously eclectic Depanneur Le Pick Up. Part dep, part restaurant, and completely awesome; Depanneur Le Pick Up offers plenty of contemporary cool, all while preserving its vitnage feel. It's become a bit of an institution in Montreal, so friends, grab one seriously tasty breakfast while mingling with your fellow Mile-Ex'ers.

Sip the best coffee on your choice of friendly terrasses.

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Coffee lovers rejoice! Mile-Ex is full of coffee shops for you to chill at and enjoy a hot (or cold?) cup of your fave. Two of the most notable right now are Café Guerrero and Dispatch Coffee, both of which offer a coffee experience unlike any other.

Chilling on Dispatch's beautiful terrasse is just one of the man ways to make sure you're truly enjoying your summer (slash life). The combination of beautiful Mile-Ex views, gorgeous summer weather, and high-key delicious Dispatch joe? One of the best feelings in the world, without a doubt.

And browse awesome shops and boutiques.

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Okay, raise your hand if you love shopping local and supporting Montrealers. Are all your hands up? Perfect. There's a huge concentration of locally-owned shops in Mile-Ex, like Fripe Fabrique and one of my personal faves - DOMO!

DOMO carries all kinds of Montreal-centric things, like house-ware and clothes. And when I say Montreal-centric, I really mean it. METRO signs, Expo 67 logos, and Olympic 76 designs are this shop's specialty. So if you want to show your love for your fave city, you know exactly which Mile-Ex shop you need to pop into.

Pure and simple, it's home!

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Honestly, Mile-Ex has a vibe unlike any other. It manages to seamlessly blend the old with the new, making it both charmingly classic and vibrantly trendy all at the same time. Home to beautiful street art, contemporary shops, vintage factories, designers, artists, architects, tech professionals, and more; it's pretty much got everything you could ever ask for.

And the best part? This isn't even Mile-Ex's final form. The borough keeps growing and expanding, and if you want to contribute to its influence and growth, then you need to participate in DevMcGill's survey! Ateliers Castelnau literally let's you choose and design your perfect living space, so you not only get to showcase your personal style, but also help create a true reflection of the Mile-Ex vibe.

In love with Mile-Ex yet? Check out DevMcGill's website and Facebook Page to learn more about this awesome neighbourhood and the Ateliers Castelnau project.