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Several Milk Products In Quebec Are Being Recalled Due To Chemical Contamination

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a recall warning.
Milk Recall In Quebec Issued Due To Chemical Contamination

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has released a food recall warning to consumers in Quebec and Ontario due to the chemical contamination of several milk products being sold in both provinces. The milk recall in Quebec was issued on Friday, January 24, 2020, and is impacting milk products with the Best Before Date of February 8, 2020. Most regularly, food recalls are issued due to common bacterias that can often contaminate food, such as E. coli or salmonella.

However, this time, the contamination is chemical, the result of the presence of sanitizer in certain milk products, which are listed below.

The CFIA has also noted that there has already been one reported illness associated with the consumption of one of the milk products.

The recall was triggered by the company, Agropur, and has resulted in a food safety investigation by the CFIA, which could then result in the recall of further products if they are found to be impacted by the contamination as well. 

The list below shows everything currently being recalled by the CFIA in relation to the chemical contamination of sanitizer found in Agropur milk products.

– L'école, c'est nourissant 150 mL 2% Milk, UPC: 55872001068, Code: FE 08 (1490)

– Sealtest 1 Litre 2% Milk, UPC: 64420000798, Code: FE 08 (1490)

– Sealtest 1 Litre 3.25% Milk, UPC: 64420000224,* Code: FE 08 (1490)

– Sealtest 2 Litre Skim Milk, UPC: 64420001412, Code: FE 08 (1490)

– Sealtest 4 Litre Skim Milk, UPC: 64420001405, Code: 1490 FE08

– Sealtest 4 Litre 1% Milk, UPC: 64420001603, Code: 1490 FE08

– Sealtest 4 Litre 2% Milk, UPC: 64420000774, Code: 1490 FE08

Note that the 4-litre products are all bagged milk products. The rest are cartons, including the "L'école, c'est nourissant" product, which is a small single-serving, cafeteria-style carton.

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All of the products listed above are Agropur products that have been sold in both Ontario and Quebec. 

The CFIA notes that consumption of the products above "may cause symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach or vomiting."

Because of these potential symptoms, the affected products "should not be consumed."

Because food that has been contaminated with sanitizer residue "may not look or smell spoiled," consumers are encouraged to throw away any of the affected products, regardless of how they look or smell.

Recalled products can also be returned to the store where they were purchased.

The CFIA is taking the necessary measures to ensure that food and beverage establishments are also "removing the recalled products from the marketplace."

For all the information as well as photos of the affected products, head to the CFIA's recall warning page here.

*This article has been updated.

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