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Millennials In Canada Are Having A Lot Less Sex Than Their Parents Did And The Reasons Are Wild

Sex is perhaps more available now to the average person than it has ever been. Dozens of apps (Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, etc.) make finding a casual hook-up or friend with benefits as simple as a swipe of the finger across a phone screen.

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TL;DR Canadians are having less sex than they once did. Reasons include the growth of the porn and dating app industries and a decline in patience.

So it is baffling that Millennials, the tech generation, are actually having less sex than their predecessors. Recall that when dating apps first hit the market, Boomers, once the harbingers of the Sexual Revolution and now society's most consrvative voting block, panicked at the prospect of a hyper-sexualized younger generation.

In fact, the opposite has occured.According to Global News, young Canadians have largely given up on finding a sexual partner, choosing instead the pleasure of their own company (though masturbation rates are unchanged from previous decades).

The reasons are rather bizarre. This drop in sexual encounters has not to do with more effective sexual education, for example, but rather larger, depressing socioeconomic trends.

Global News highlights "stress" as one contributing factor. Anecdotally, it certainly seems that Millennials contend with more daily anxiety than their parents.

Low wages combined with a rising cost-of-living have made it difficult for young Canadians to achieve the same degree of success as older generations. That stagnation can be isolating.

Millennials also simply don't have the patience necessary to find a sex partner. Apps and porn websites make sex readily available, says Global News, but courtship and physical interactions take commitment.

One expert reduces this drop in sex to a simple reason: a lack of tolerance for drawn-out activity and the simplicity of the kind of instant sexual gratification that the Internet and cellphones offer.

To a Millennial, however, these reasons may seem facile. Indeed, many of these factors, like reliance on cell phones, mimic the kind of criticism that is often lobbed against young people.

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More research clearly needs to be done. But in the meantime we can add sex to the list of thing older people think "Millennials have ruined."

Read the Global News report here.

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