Millions Of Drake Fans React To Heart Wrenching "Farewell" Post To Young Fan Who Died

Late yesterday evening, Drake posted to Instagram an image that seemed highly intimate and personal for the 'gram.

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TL;DR Drake recently posted a emotional and candid picture to Instagram showing him crying next to a hospital bed. The girl in the photo is a fan Drake met through Make A Wish Foundation who recently passed away.  Fans everywhere are reacting to the post with positive messages, and the picture already recieved over 2 million likes.

It was an moving image of Drake sitting by a hospital bed with his head in his hands weeping while the person in the bed lays there with a big smile on her face.

The mystery girl is actually one of Drake's fans that he met through the Make A Wish foundation.  

Drake doesn't just meet these fans for the publicity, though. It's clear from the caption on his post that Drake genuinely cares for these people. 

Drake writes "we built a genuine bond you would text me and check on me while I was on tour and tell me positive things and share your dreams and goals."

It was clear based on his followers reactions and comments that this caption and post was sincere. 

The post received 2.2 million likes so far, which is surprisingly a whole lot more love than he usually receives on Instagram; very few posts of his break 1 million likes. 

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But this post really hit home with Drake's fan base by showing and reminding us of how kind-hearted and genuine Drizzy really is.

As if we needed another reason to love him more.