It's Official, You Can Get "Raw Cookie Dough Pints" In Montreal

6 different flavours to choose from.
It's Official, You Can Get "Raw Cookie Dough Pints" In Montreal

Baking brings me joy. If I could live in a world of desserts galore, I'd be one happy gal. Whisking fragrant ingredients, concocting scrumptious masterpieces, and ESPECIALLY licking that sweet, sweet batter off a spoon. But as it was once wisely stated by a bold woman across national TV, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

I know I'm not the only person who doesn't always have the time (or motivation) to whip up a batch of homemade treats from scratch. So honestly, when an unshakeable sugar craving hits me - or I’m scrambling for a last-minute dessert to bring over to a friend’s - I can definitely appreciate a good baking hack.

In strolls Cookie Bluff, superhero cape and all. This proudly Quebecois (and who are we kidding? REVOLUTIONARY) company has reinvented the cookie game and made our greatest childhood dream a reality.

It offers ready-to-eat, top-quality cookie doughs that can be baked into yummy goodness or - wait for it - enjoyed RAW by the spoonful (hello, midnight snack attack)! With Cookie Bluff, you can forget long grocery lists, avoid the kitchen mess of sifting flour and powdering sugar, and quit worrying about the potential hazards of ingesting raw egg. 

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Seriously, this stuff is so simple and versatile, it's kinda mindblowing, and you just can't get enough of it. Scoop Cookie Bluff onto ice cream, add it to a milkshake, dollop it onto warm waffles, make cake pops, pop it in the oven... or, let's be real, just eat it straight out the tub!

I could keep going, but I'd just be stating the obvious even more: Cookie Bluff is absolute cookie GOALS when it comes to practicality and indulgence.

With flavours like Signature Chocolate (filled with morsels of chocolate and chocolate chip cookies), Birthday Cake (a kaleidoscope of milk- and white-chocolate chips plus multicoloured sprinkles), Praline Brownies (a delight chock-full of white and semi-sweet chocolate, hazelnuts, and cocoa), Maple and Nuts (100% pure Canadian sugar-shack maple syrup and bits of walnut), it's pretty obvious why Cookie Bluff has quickly become a go-to household staple to be savoured!

Now, you may be wondering, how could Cookie Bluff surpass itself and solidify its holy-grail status any further? Well, hold on to your parchment paper, guys, because it's releasingtwo new tastebud-exploding flavours: Mini Egg and Oreo! Both start with their unbeatable cookie-dough recipe. In the first, decadent chunks of fan-fave Oreos and ultra-smooth cream are a match made in cookies-and-cream heaven. In the second, crunchy, colourful Mini Eggs create a pastel rainbow of chocolatey flavour in an already perfect batter. 

This Mini Egg and Cookie Bluff mash-up is an ICONIC limited-edition gem in food history. I’m not kidding: only 14,000 tubs of this divine treat are being sold across Quebec, so you’re gonna want to get your hands on AT LEAST one of these babies real quick. Like, right now - what are you waiting for?

Cookie Bluff never disappoints. Try it today and find out for yourself why every single bite sends your tastebuds on an unforgettable adventure and leaves you wanting more. And be sure to snag a limited-edition Mini Egg tub before they fly off the shelves and disappear forever!

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***You can get Cookie Bluff at all IGA, Métro, Super C & Couche-Tard stores in Quebec!⁣

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