You Will Now Be Paid More Money To Work In Quebec

More money is always a good thing.
You Will Now Be Paid More Money To Work In Quebec

Most of us probably didn't know it, but yesterday was International Worker's Day, and residents of Quebec actually got a pretty sweet gift for the occasion:

Thanks to an increase in the province's minimum wage, numerous workers across Quebec will now be paid more money.

Quebec's minimum wage will increase by 20 cents to reach $10.75 for every hour worked. This will result in minimum wage workers receiving $8 more for a standard 40-hour work week, as pointed out by CBC.

$10.75, however, is a far cry from the $15/hour that the Quebec Federation of Labour hope to have established as the province's standard wage. A march was held in the Plateau yesterday to raise awareness on the issue of minimum wage and the desired $15, which also marked the launch of the "Fight for 15" campaign.

But given that we're still more than four dollars off from the $15 goal, it's probably going to be a while. Still, a twenty-cent increase is better than a hole in the head, so here's to small victories.

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