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Miserably Humid Weather Returning To Montreal Next Week

This is going to be horrible.
Miserably Humid Weather Returning To Montreal Next Week

This morning may be a little cold but considering the kind of weather we've been putting up with over the last 3 days I don't think anyone's complaining right now.

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But you'd better take advantage of the more pleasant temperature while you can because that horrible, miserably humid weather we've been cursed with lately is coming back.

Yes, I'm talking about the kind of weather where your shirt is permanently stuck to your back, where the air actually feels sticky, and a day where any kind of physical activity is out of the question.

But luckily we have a few days to recover before we have to deal with all of that, so enjoy the "sweater weather" while you can because it's not going to last very long.

Temperatures will stay in the normal range until Saturday but starting Sunday, it’s going to get hot, muggy and humid.

Plus there are more potential thunderstorms heading our way just to make things a little more unbearable.

Via theweathernetwork

The worst day will be Wednesday September 5th where the humidex will reach up to 38°C

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