There Will Now Be "Mobile Photo Radars" In All Of Quebec Starting This Week

With special attention paid to Montreal, of course.
There Will Now Be "Mobile Photo Radars" In All Of Quebec Starting This Week

A good luck and a heads up to all you drivers out there, because Transport Quebec is setting up a whole wack load of new photo radar systems on streets all throughout the province. Installations in 18 Montreal locations have already been set up, with a total of 150 new photo radars to be installed throughout Quebec by mid-November, reports CTV.

Adding an element of mystery (and probably future frustration) to the new photo radars is the introduction of "mobile" radars attached to trucks. Essentially, these photo-radar-vehicles won't be staying in a single location and can move freely, allowing them to track your speed at any number of streets.

A Transport Quebec representative stated the new mobile photo radars are being introduced in an effort to ensure drivers don't get used to slowing down at a specific location. Drivers are ensured to have the proper signage when encountering these mobile photo radars, so just be sure to be on your toes and keep your eyes on the road for warnings, which you should be doing if you're piloting a one ton pile of steel on wheels anyway.

Drivers outside of Montreal should be wary of these new mobile photo radars too, as only a few will be driving around the streets of the city. Other mobile photo radars will be set up to patrol Quebec, another in Gatineau, with another three placed under the guidance of the Sureté du Quebec, meaning they will be "somewhere in the Montreal area," as Sarah Bensadoun of Transport Quebec told CTV.

But there is a (small) silver lining to all of these new photo radars being set up in Quebec. Transport Quebec has promised that some of Montreal and Quebec's most annoying photo radars (so the ones that made the most from speeding drivers) will be removed, including the one on Highway 15 southbound heading towards the Atwater exit. To see where some of the immobile radars are going to be installed in Montreal, read our feature here.