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Montreal To Host The Biggest "Sexy Party" In North America

All your earthly desires brought to life.
Montreal To Host The Biggest "Sexy Party" In North America

The beauty of being alivein a time where anything goes, is that: anything goes! The age-old list of taboos is getting shorter, while the list of opportunities for self-discovery gets longer. Well consider the annual Bal Érotique the extravaganza of exploring your deepest fantasies in a modern world.

Monde Osé are masters at creating fully-immersive, sensual experiences that entice both mind and body, where the daring, the curious, the shy, and the classy come to connect, free from inhibitions. The 11th edition of the Bal Érotique is back and better than ever!

Channeling the power of the land and celebrating the cornerstone of human existence and pleasure, this year's theme is Temple of Eros. On this night, the Goddess is invited to take her rightful seat by the King, a metaphor for the Divine Intimate Union between the 2 energies of the world that create life, vitality and joy.

Explore the erotic and sensual aspects of your life, in the company of beautiful, fun, like-minded people at this one-of-a-kind event. Dare to dance, flirt, tease and let your senses guide you as you raise your sexual energies in a divine ceremony at the world’s leading sensual entertainment playground.

With tantalizing stage shows, seductive performances, and an irresistible host ensuring that the mood is just right, dreams become reality thanks to exciting environments and encounters that will leave you wanting more.

Of course, immersing yourself completely is a big part of the Monde Osé experience. In true Montreal 'fashion', guests are encouraged to be inspired by the theme of the night and dress the part! Prepare to mingle among erotic deities and otherworldly beauties, surrounded by sacred geometry and symbolic architecture of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Assistance (ooh naughty).

Every year, the Bal Érotique oozes sensuality and provides an open and welcoming atmosphere, even for those of us more on the shy, yet curious, side. So dive head first (pun!) into your wildest (and wettest) dreams at the erotic party of the year!

WHEN: Friday, August 26 at 9 PM - 3 AM

WHERE: Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Assistance (Théâtre Paradoxe - 5959 Boul. Monk)

Visit the Bal Érotique website and Facebook event for full information, and to reserve your tickets!