Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Cider Festival" This Winter

All about that adult apple juice.
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Cider Festival" This Winter

Hot or cold, few drinks are quite as comforting or refreshing as cider. Crisp, sweet, and (best of all) alcoholic, cider is the perfect drink no matter the season, but for winter 2016, cider is going big in Montreal for Mondial des cidres.

Created and organized by the SAQ, Mondial des cidres is essentially a cider festival, because this is Montreal, and festivals are what we do best.

To be held at Complexe Desjardins, the event will showcase the apple-tastic alcoholic creations of over 20 different vendors, with a lot more to check out too.

Much like last year, the 2016 edition of Mondial des cidres will have tasting workshops, on-site mixologists crafting cider-based drinks, live music, and most delicious of all, gourmet food stations that will offer you delectable delights (foie gras, oysters, and more) to pair with your cider.

Well, at least the cider you have in your hand at the time.

Special one-time events will also be held on every day of the festival (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) which will reflect what's going on in the city that particular day. Plan for a cider-filled 5a7 on Thursday, a night of jazz and decadence on Friday, and special Nuit Blanche event on the Sunday.

Going down Febuary 25th to 27th, you can find out more about Mondial des Cidres at the cider festival's official website here.

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