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Monopoly "Montreal Edition" Is The Coolest Board Game Ever

Too Much Poutine! Lose 2 turns to recover.
Monopoly "Montreal Edition" Is The Coolest Board Game Ever

What would Montreal look like if it was a Monopoly board? Would boroughs be transformed into colour-coded properties, or would landmarks be used instead? Would a poutine be a playable piece, or a Habs player? All of these questions can now be answered, with this Montreal-ized Monopoly board.

Technically, this is a Cityopoly board done up Montreal style, but for everyone who isn't looking to sue the creators, you can pretty much just call it Montreal Monopoly. Cards, pieces, and board spaces are all MTL-ized, although its a tad outdated.

Montreal's Monopoly includes:

  • Hockey skate, snowman, bagel, stadium, saxophone, and clown/mime playable pieces (that last one is a curve ball)
  • Board spaces like JFL, Bell Centre (still called Molson here), Old Port, and Place Jaques-Cartier
  • A Montreal vs. Toronto card
  • The "Too Much Poutine" card where you lose 2 turns

This isn't the first time Montreal has gained Monopoly-fame, as our fair city became the coveted blue Boardwalk spot in the Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition, released in 2008. The Montreal Canadiens even have their own Monopoly, which you can buy anytime at Futureshop.

In our dream of dreams, a more modern Montreal Monopoly would have an MTL Blog space. Maybe at like Mediterranean Avenue, at the least.

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