This All-New Monster BeaverTail Is Now Available Across Canada

Whom are you gonna split this monstrosity with?
This All-New Monster BeaverTail Is Now Available Across Canada

BeaverTails just added a brand new item to their menu. The monstrous "Super Snacker" consists of 8 beaver tail pastries stacked on top of each other to create the most delicious sandwich EVER. Though this seems like an April Fool's joke, the Snacker is actually real.

The "Super Snacker" combines eight of BeaverTail's signature flavours. Because each Super Snacker costs $55, this is something that you're going to want to split with friends.

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TL;DR BeaverTails just launched their "Super Snacker," a treat that combines eight signature flavours into one gigantic sandwich. It is available at select locations across Canada.

The Super Snacker is less of a snack (unless you're REALLY hungry) and more of a dessert to be split between like 5 people. Though, if you do finish one by yourself, please send us a video. 

The treat combines the Apple Cinnamon, Maple, Coco Vanil’, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnamon & Sugar, Triple Trip, Avalanche, and Banana Chocolate pastries all in one bite!

According to marketing coordinator Regan Scott, "this is the perfect treat for any celebration or get-together, or for when you and your friends just can’t decide what topping you’re craving today.” 

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If you're not up for a walk to the BeaverTails location closest to you, you can now order BeaverTails on UberEats and Skip the Dishes. Perfect for those late-night munchies...

The new menu item is available now in Victoria, BC (Skip the Dishes and UberEats), Niagara Falls, ON (Skip the Dishes), Premium Outlets Montreal in Mirabel, QC, (Uber Eats) and, as of May, in Charlottetown, PEI (Skip The Dishes) for $55. 

Happy munching!