Montreal’s Mont-Royal Metro Station Will Be Torn Down

Expect many orange cones.
Montreal’s Mont-Royal Metro Station Will Be Torn Down

Welcoming STM riders since October, 14, 1966, Mont-Royal metro is one of the oldest stations in the network, and it shows. Without elevator access or an aesthetically pleasing decor, Mont-Royal station is seriously due for an upgrade.

Fortunately, the much-used Plateau metro station is getting one. But as with all improvements, you have to tear down before you can build back up.

You can expect to see a fair amount of orange-construction-cones-of-doom surrounding Mont-Royal Metro next year, as the entrance to the station is going to be torn down, reports CBC. With the entrance removed in 2018, a new, glass entrance, complete with a new roof and adorned by pieces of art, is set to be built by 2020.

The station will also have an elevator installed, thus ensuring that those with disabilities can access the metro network through Mont-Royal Metro. This will add one more part of the metro network to the rather short list of stations that are accessible to those with mobile disabilities.

How much the metro-makeover will cost and how long it will really take (2020 may get pushed back, as often happens with Montreal building projects) remains to be seen, but regardless, at least the station is going to be far more accessible, a serious problem seen throughout the STM metro network.

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