Montreal $1 Burrito Day

As if you needed an excuse.
Montreal $1 Burrito Day

What is the perfect fast-food? A burger? A poutine? Some Portuguese chicken? Honestly, we could debate for hours on end about what the answer to this question is. However, I know where my stomach's loyalties truly lie - wrapped up in the soft, spicy deliciousness that is, the burrito.

And there is only one thing better than my beloved burrito. A FREE, well if you donate $1, burrito! Thanks to M4 Burrito, my prayers have been answered. For tomorrow, and tomorrow only, you can get a $1 burrito in Montreal.

The proceeds raised from the event go to le Garde-Manger pour tous. So not only are you eating a delicious burrito, but you're eating a cheap burrito that wants to help feed hungry children. Am I dreaming? Well, all I know is that as soon as 11:00am hits tomorrow, there will be a person-shaped hole in the wall and steaming, wrapped, bean-y mass with my name on it! But you better get there early - it's first come first serve, while quantities last!!

If you wanna learn more about this event head on over to M4's event Facebook page and read on up.

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