Montreal $1 Grilled Cheese Day Is This Thursday

On Thursday, December 11th, Yeh! is where you'll want to be.

Photo cred - @myfatguyprobs

November may be gone, but grilled cheese in the city sure won't be going anywhere (for anyone wondering where that reference came from, November was grilled cheese month in Montreal) thanks to Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe, who has just upped their savoury food game with their waffle- iron grilled cheeses.

You may have already had your mouth water when we featured Yeh's waffle- iron GC's on our Best Montreal Grilled Cheese list, which we included for good reason. Using a waffle- iron creates a brand new sandwich, as the pressure and heat caramelizes the buttered bread making for an oozy, gooey, and crispy grilled cheese, with literal pockets of flavour toasted onto the bread.

Lunch at Yeh! is now a truly viable option, and if you're skeptical, they're offering you the best deal to prove to you that the frozen yogurt café can also make some legit grilled cheese. Yeh! will be hosting an epic 2 hour Grilled Cheese Mania event that will feature the most amazingly affordable deal to fix all your hunger pang. Here's the basic breakdown:

  • Who: Yeh! Frozen Yogurt & Cafe
  • What: Grilled Cheese Mania/$1 Grilled Cheese Day, a classic grilled cheese - oeey gooey cheese only
  • Where: All Yeh! locations (find the closest here)
  • When: Thursday, December 11th from 12pm to 2pm (only 2 hours, so get there early during lunch)
  • How: Like Yeh! on Facebook, and show them you did via your smartphone when you pay
  • Why: Because you've never had a waffle-iron grilled cheese and they're amazing

Just to make sure you didn't gloss over anything, to get the $1 grilled cheese deal at Yeh! you'll have to get there early, as the $1 epic deal will only be offered between 12pm and 2pm and you will need to have liked them on Facebook. Bring your smartphone and show the staff you like 'em on FB, then get the cheesy deal, which will save some solid coin, meaning you can indulge in a smoothie, crepe, fro-yo, or any of Yeh's other delectable offerings.

Get all the delicious details and any updates on Yeh's Grilled Cheese Mania/$1 Grilled Cheese Day by heading to their Facebook page here.


Yeh! Yogourt & Cafe

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