Montreal 2014 Grilled Cheese Month Begins November 1st

L'Gros Luxe will have the city cheesely covered.
Montreal 2014 Grilled Cheese Month Begins November 1st

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

November, for whatever reason, will be Grilled Cheese Month in Montreal. We're not complaining or anything, we just thought GC appreciation month was in April (maybe that's just 'merica) , though given the incoming cold, we're glad Montreal restos like L'Gros Luxe are bringing the cheese in early.

For the entire month of November L'Gros Luxe will be creating a special grilled cheese every single day of the week. From Novermber 1st to the 30th, you can go in and try out a magically delicious grilled cheese, with some combinations sersiouly piquing our stomach's interest.

On the 30-day lineup is a nacho grilled cheese, fig and caramelized onion grilled cheese, a Grilled Cheese Pizza, miso-marinated todu grilled cheese and quite literally 26 more. Check out the entire grilled cheese lineup below.

What makes grilled cheese month even more amazing in Montreal is the fact that L'Gros Luxe is not the only resto celebrating. Famed cheesegineers of Le Cheese Truck will also be doing a daily grilled cheese offering for every day of November at their resto in NDG. Get all the details here.

For more info on L'Gros Luxe's Grilled Cheese Month and to get any delicious updates, head over to the resto's Facebook page here.

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