Montreal 2014 "Kindness Day" Is Today

Smile, it's good for you.
Montreal 2014 "Kindness Day" Is Today

Photo cred - kat.amies

Be kind today, not that you shouldn't be nice all the time, just make sure to embody kindness on this, the 13th of November, because it is World Kindness Day in Montreal. Haters, take a day off to be kind, and all you regularly nice folk, well, keep doing what you're doing.

An ongoing tradition for the last 16 years, World Kindness Day was created on November 13th, 1998 after a large group of NGOs from various countries banded together in Tokyo and basically made WKD a thing.

Now, nations around the globe observe World Kindness Day, a day to promote acts of kindness in all forms which inherently look beyond the differences between nations and peoples and link individuals together through the power of good will inherent in all of humanity. And act of kindness can be anything from a simple compliments to a stranger to donating canned goods, just as long as its coming from a good place.

All cities of the Earth are invited to take part in World Kindness Day in any shape/way/form, Montreal included, of course. Life Vest Inside already held its yearly flashmob 'Dance for Kindness,' but that doesn't mean you can't just practice some random acts of kindness in Montreal, which there's a Facebook group for, if you need some help.

Be kind and respond in kind to kindness today in Montreal for World Kindness Day, 'cuz we could all use some good will from strangers.

Learn more about the World Kindness Movement and how you can spread the love by checking out the official website here.

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