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Montreal's All-New Champlain Bridge Toll Prices Officially Announced At Minimum $2.60

Price estimates on the much debated tolls for the newly constructed Champlain Bridge have been unveiled. At the least, you can expect to pay $2.60, at the most, $3.90, reports the Gazette.

The official price will depend on how much the bridge will cost by the end of construction, estimated right now to be between $3 to $5 billion dollars.

Here are the potential toll scenarios:

  • $2.60 - To cover $3 billion in construction costs
  • $3.90 - To cover $5 billion in construction costs
  • $9.10 - To maximize total revenue, a possibility, but an unlikely one as it would reduce traffic by 38% and cause an overabundance of drivers on other routes.

The Champlain Bridge is expected to be completed until 2018, meaning the toll prices may change in the coming years.

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