Montreal Apartment Leases Should Not Have "No-Pet Clauses"

One petition is hoping to make life easier for pets and pet owners.
Montreal Apartment Leases Should Not Have "No-Pet Clauses"

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A change is coming to the Civil Code of Quebec and its views towards animals, with the province's Minister of Agriculture aiming to rework the code's description of animals from "personal property" to "sentient" beings. Some Montrealers are hoping to further this endeavour, and remove all "no-pets" clauses in Montreal's housing rules.

As of now, allowing a cat, dog, or any pet inside an apartment or condo building is up to the discretion of the landlord entirely; a certain clause can be inserted into a lease prohibiting any pets. Montreal pet-owners will know that a landlord allowing pets is the exception rather than the norm, with many property owner's throwing in a no-pet clause in a lease agreement to "protect against noise complaints" or ensure the integrity of the building itself.

Certain Montrealers find any clause prohibiting the ownership of a pet in a building to be unfair, to both the animals and owners, and have so created a petition to be sent to the Minister of Agriculture Pierre Paradis, in hopes that he will make a new rule prohibiting said clauses.

The petition makes some solid points in favour of removing no-pet clauses, such as how pets can have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of humans, animals have always been an integral aspect of everyday life, and that in all other Canadian provinces, cats and dogs are allowed in residential buildings.

Your chance to sign the petition and support the movement to remove all no-pet clauses in Montreal leases will end on December 30th, 2014. Sign the petition here, which now has over 10, 000 signatures.

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