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Montreal, Are You Willing To Pay $335,000,000 To Bring Back The Expos?

A feasibility study shows the numbers needed for the return of Major League Baseball in Montreal
Montreal, Are You Willing To Pay $335,000,000 To Bring Back The Expos?

The return of a Major League Baseball team/The Expos in Montreal would cost $1.25 billion dollars.

The project will require $335 million in city funding, with the rest being gained from a private investor (yet to be determined), a feasibility study shows. 

Eight years would pass for the government to make back its money, largely from sales tax and income tax paid by the team's players, as estimated by research.

Montreal would need to build a new stadium in downtown, costing $500 million. The remainder of the project's money would pay for buying an existing team.

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Do you think its worth it for Montreal to invest in Baseball? Would government money be better spent elsewhere? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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