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Montreal Artist Creates Funny "Renaissance" GIFs With A Modern Twist

Classic works of art remade as laughter-inducing GIFs
Montreal Artist Creates Funny "Renaissance" GIFs With A Modern Twist

Who said Renaissance art isn't funny? Okay, so maybe on it isn't, but thanks to Montreal artist James Kerr, also known as Scorpion Dagger, the works of the Renaissance era have gained new comedic life. Reworking classic paintings and figures into GIF form, the works of Scorpion Dagger are equally hilarious and artistic as he reinvigorates traditional works with a modern twist. Fusing fictional characters, cultural icons, and his own personal whims into recreated Renaissance paintings, these GIFs are a new form of art and comedy. See what I mean in the GIFs below.

For more of Scorpion Dagger's works, check out his Tumblr, updated almost daily, or follow him on instagram @scorpiondagger

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