Montreal Artist Jess Abran Releases Her All-New Sexyly Sultry Single To The World

Photo cred - Sukhi Benning

A video game can inspire you just as much as any work of art. Visually rich, with a compelling plot, and fully interactive, a video game, at least a well-made one, can change the way you think and feel. If you don't think so, let Montreal artist Jess Abran show you how a video game can inspire you with her newest single 'FALLOUT.'

Both Abran's personal life experiences and her unadulterated adoration for the Fallout trilogy led to the creation of her latest song and music video. Her own struggle with coming to terms of with her sexuality and her pure passion for gaming were the creative forces driving this project, with the video filmed and produced entirely in Montreal.

Heartfelt, soulful, with just the right amount of noir-artistry, the music video is much more than you'd expect from a song meant to be an ode to a gaming series.

Checkout Jess Abran's FALLOUT music video below and see more of her work here.

The artist would like to thank Sukhi Benning, Leah Lamarche, Stephen Voyce Chimdindu Ngoka, and Lina Kretzschmar for their indispensable help in the creation of this video.

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