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Montreal Artist Sharon Epic Makes Art Out Of Montreal Nightlife

Artistic recreations of Montreal's raves, concerts, and bars.
Montreal Artist Sharon Epic Makes Art Out Of Montreal Nightlife

Capture the moment with more than just your Iphone: live Painter Sharon Epic takes your memories to the next level.

Sharon Epic paints a picture of reality – a moment that exists as specific wisps of a paintbrush, and immortalizes them on her canvas. Epic's is an art form that cannot be imitated with photos or videos.

As a self-proclaimed live painter, Sharon’s form of artwork takes place at concerts, weddings, and other types of events where she paints the event as it happens. She has painted over 850 paintings throughout Canada, and has live-painted more than 200 events in Montreal alone. Check out some of her works and see if you can spot the locale, or even a painted version of yourself.

Sharon has been painting since she was 3 years old, but her live painting endeavours only began about six years ago, when she was trying to overcome agoraphobia (a type of anxiety disorder). She would bring her art supplies to the bar and paint what was going on around her. Soon enough, people started to notice her, and her way of overcoming her fear became a means of entertainment.

Once Sharon was comfortable with painting at the local bar, she began travelling to other places in Canada to paint.

Sharon was living out of her car when she first arrived in Montreal in 2011 to paint a rave. Astonished by the way Montrealers reacted to her paintings, she decided to stay to further explore the arts and culture Montreal has to offer.

– Sharon Epic

Her creativeness stems from movement, music, and people – she loves to use bright colours and highlight the use of body language throughout her works.

See for yourself and check some of Sharon’s favourite works: SURF her site and LIKE her page on Facebook.

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