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Montreal Artist Turns STM Metro Map Into Neon Art

You know you want this on your wall.
Montreal Artist Turns STM Metro Map Into Neon Art

I'll be the first to admit that I never thought I'd want a map of the metro hanging up in my apartment. I mean, who needs a constant reminder of one of the biggest sources of frustration in Montreal? But after seeing this neon rendition created by Montreal based artist Five8, I think I've changed my tune, because this thing is AWESOME. While it may not help you navigate the metro, it will certainly make whatever space it's in instantly cooler.

Five8 put the neon map on display at last week's Electric Relaxation exhibit, and since it was only a one night show, he's currently looking for more places to exhibit this fresh new take on the classic old map. You can check out his Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with his art and where you can find it.

In the mean time,here's a website that sells epic prints of Montreal metro stations, like these:

If stations aren't your thing,here are 19 different Montreal map art pieces that you can buy to decorate your walls.

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