Montreal Artists Remake 90s Teen Heartthrob Photos With Female Models

Boys will be boys, er, girls actually.
Montreal Artists Remake 90s Teen Heartthrob Photos With Female Models

When you take a second to think about the core concept of magazines directed towards adolescent girls that are plastered with pictures of teen-boy-starlets (e.g. SeventeenJ-14, Tiger Beat, etc.), things get kind of creepy.

I mean, they're basically selling sex to young girls using what are ultimately little boys. Everybody in the equation is underage and it's kind of unsettling.

Montreal artists Eve Thomas and Richmond Lam realized this rather creepy sexualization of young boys and girls and decided to turn it on its head.

Reversing the gender dynamic, Lam and Thomas switched out the teenage boys with adult women, creating their photo series Poster Boys.

As featured in a Buzzfeed Canada exclusive, Poster Boys is the reorientation of 90s teen-girl magazines with "women pretending to be boys playing at being men for little girls." The photos themselves are even direct recreations of covers from Tiger Beat in 93, which may be why they look a tad familiar.

Entirely comical, the photo series also does a great job of demonstrating the sexualized nature of such magazines, making for a cute-but-also-kind-of-creepy vibe.

Poster Boys makes it debut on April 16th at theSpring Exhibitions Vernissage, but you can take a look at a few of the photos below, as already shown by Buzzfeed. To read more on Eve Thomas and Richmond Lam's project, head to the original Buzzfeed feature and check out the official website here.

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