Montreal Artists That Will Blow Up In 2016

La crème de la crème.
Montreal Artists That Will Blow Up In 2016

2015 was a big year for Montreal music production wise. It was the year we've seen artists breaking the industry and putting Montreal on the map. Most importantly, the city saw a lot of new artists plunging head first into their dreams of recognition.

Here's a quick list of my personal choices as to who I see having a huge 2016:


Vyn is one of the most promising artists in Montreal. He is a singer, writer and beat boxer. Vyn thrives to be the most creative in every single of his projects. The Montreal artist is currently breaking the industry and making us proud. Listen to All I Want below.

The Posterz

The Posterz released a few wonderful videos this year and are ready to take over 2016. Putting Montreal on the map in the hip-hop scene; Husser, Will & Joey are ready to take over 2016 with all of their talents combined. Listen to Bulalay below.


With their core member currently living in Montreal, MERK is getting into the ears of the big guys in the industry. They just released their new EP on The Fader and many more massive websites. Listen to Shout below.

Frap Boyz

Frap Boyz are all about that life. With only two official videos released, these guys will have you jumping all day. Listen to Jugg below.


brtrnd is an insanely talented producer from Montreal. He provides the best vibes in the city, confirmed. Listen below to hear all the magical sounds he puts together for his fans on a weekly basis.

Let us know in the comments below who you would add to the list -

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