7 Things To Do For Your Montreal Bachelor Party

Drinks, food, and guns oh my.
7 Things To Do For Your Montreal Bachelor Party

Sin City! Montreal is known for its explosive events, fierce festivals, and non-stop nightlife. There is definitely no shortage of awesomely brotastic activities to get you into a little bit of trouble with your boys before you sign the rest of your life away. Just kidding, before the best day of your life etc. But before the big day, the time-honoured tradition that is the bachelor party is a sacred affair and must be properly respected. It might not be entirely remembered, but your bachelor party, or the one you're organizing as the good Best Man that you are, deserves to be epic.

While finding some decent mischief in Montreal on your own isn't all that difficult, as the humble MTL Ambassadors that we are, we figured we'd give you a head start when it comes time to plan your next bachelor party with some stellar ideas in the greatest city on earth.


 1. Montreal Craft Beer Tour

Why: Every good bachelor party should involve beer, lots of good beer. The Craft Beer Tour is a great Montreal bachelor party idea because, not only will you be able to get a healthy day buzz going, but also eat delicious foods while exploring the city.

What makes them awesome: A certified local guide will show you only the most authentic side of Montreal and take you to 3 of the most popular brewpubs, all within short walking distance of each other, where you'll sample 6 distinctive craft beers. Food pairings include a one-of-kind Belgium beer melted poutine, beef gravlax & cheese selection, and a completely unique chocolate and craft beer pairing. Whether you're locals looking for a good bonding activity, or from out of town and want to kill two birds with one stone, the Montreal Craft Beer Tour is always a good time.

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2. Tir du Soleil

Where: 5186 Chemin Queen Mary

Why: Let's be honest - Boys like toys. Especially cool ones that you can shoot stuff with.

What makes them awesome: Tir du Soleil is Montreal's only sport and recreational air-gun range where you and your boys can have some fun firing real guns, without having to leave the city, or the need for any permits. There's a whole arsenal range to choose from, including rifles, revolvers, combat pistols, even semi-automatics, all manufactured by name-brand gun-makers and all 100% safe and tested. You can pick the shooting experience that suits you best, ranging from $15-$40 per hour, with unlimited bullets. It's time to finally put your COD skills to the real test.

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 3. The Mile End Montreal Food Tour

Why: Because WHO DOESN'T love food, right? In recent years, the Mile End has become Montreal's premier foodie destination and The Mile End Montreal Food Tour highlights the best the neighbourhood has to offer.

What makes them awesome: You get to visit 6 unique locations where you'll sample a variety of the city's most delicious and iconic foods, including St-Viateur's world-famous bagels, artisanal charcuteries and cheeses, locally-produced vegan falafels, authentic homemade gnocchi, award-winning chocolate, and much more. Certified local tour guides will provide historical and cultural information on the 2.2km walk, while also showing you all the hidden and lesser-known gems along the way. This is a great way to get a hearty lunch in and see some of the city before the nighttime bachelor party debauchery ensues.

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4. A/Maze

Where: 3550 Rue Saint-Jacques

Why: While a video game session is always fun, it would be kinda lame for a bachelor party. A/Maze is a real-life escape game that will challenge your wits and your friendships.

What makes them awesome: A/Maze offers three different immersive scenarios to choose from in state-of-the-art facilities. Figure out how to break out of prison, prevent the a mad scientist from destroying the world or explore the lost temple to find an ancient idol with the help of your team by collecting clues, solving puzzles and escaping the room before the timer runs out. Get more details here.

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5. Piknic Électronik

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Why: Drinks and DJ's in the sun with the most perfect views of the Montreal skyline.

What makes them awesome: With two different stages, the weekly dance party showcases some of the best local and international electronic music on Montreal's party island, Parc Jean-Drapeau. Enjoy beautiful weather and exceptional views as you casually mingle with sexy Montrealers and dance the afternoon away under the iconic L'Homme Statue for what is truly one of the best vibes in the city.

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6. Chez Parée Gentleman's Club

Where: 1258 Rue Stanley

Why: Because naked women.

What makes them awesome: One of the best and most established stripclubs in the city, Chez Parée offers a swanky place to indulge in some exposed skin with over 85 of the most beautiful nude dancers in town. While the club itself is already quite comfortable thanks to leather couches and a glitzy bar, to really take your bachelor party to the next level, you have to check out the VIP Lounge. The VIP Lounge features full contact dances in intimate booths and includes its own private bar. Best of all, it's ideally located in the downtown core.

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7. Stereo

Where: 858 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

Why: With all the bonding activities out of the way, it's time to rage.

What makes them awesome: Not one of the biggest but definitely one of the best nightclubs in Montreal, Stereo is where you want to party. This is a local favourite for a dope afterhours scene with zero pretentiousness, arguably the #1 analog sound system in the world, and host to many of the hottest DJ's on the planet. But don't worry, you won't find any glowsticks, bottle service or Top 40 mashups here. Only the freshest tracks and fiercest parties, perfect for the groom's last night of freedom.

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