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Montreal Bagel Shop Opens In New York City And Sell Out On First Day

All thanks to The Great Bagel Peace Treaty of 2014.
Montreal Bagel Shop Opens In New York City And Sell Out On First Day

The great feud between Montreal and New York bagels can finally end, thanks to two Montreal-natives who have fused the recipes into one supremely awesome bagel. Fairmount and St. Viateur better be a little scared.

Noah Bernamoff and Joel Tietolman are the two bagel-pioneers who have just opened Black Seed Bagels in NYC. After only one day open, the new bagel shop completely sold out, which makes their new recipe even more alluring.

In line with Montreal bagel-religion, the pairs new creation is baked in a wood oven, but first boiled in honey-water. The dough is also set to rest overnight to create the airy-ness iconic with NYC bagels.

Breaking down walls and building bridges in the bagel-world, Bernamoff and Tietolman thought it appropriate to create The Great Bagel Peace Treaty of 2014 to commemorate the bagel creation.

See the sparknotes version of the treaty below.

"After having implored the assistance of the Bagel Gods, in the presence and with the consent of the two parties, the following Articles have been agreed on and consented to:

[Translation: Montreal and New York are burying the hatchet — or at least trying to.]

  • We, the signatories of this holy bagel treaty, agree to cease unnecessary aggression and hostility towards our neighboring bagel capital’s take on the classic bagel.
  • We submit that no topping other than savory toppings shall appear on our bagels. These toppings are limited to poppy seed, sesame seed, onion, garlic, salt and “everything.”
  • We vow to never — and we mean never — consume a sweet bagel (including but not limited to blueberry, cinnamon raison and chocolate chip varieties).
  • We vow to schlep bagels with us on trips to visit our friends who live outside of these bagel capitals.
  • We agree that all good bagels should have a bite to them and a snap in their crust.

Signed on April 22, 2014"

Finally, a treaty that truly benefits the people. Well, at least bagel-loving people, so basically all of Montreal.

Does Montreal need a Black Seed Bagel shop?

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