At this stage in the game, I think it's super safe to say that we, collectively, as Montrealers, all love macarons. And what's not to love? Creamy, sweet, crisp, tasty, and with flavour combinations only limited by your own imagination, macarons are quite possibly the most perfect dessert.

Know what else is pretty perfect? Matcha green tea. Not only does this green tea powder pack a serious health punch, but it's also incredibly tasty and versatile. You can make pretty much anything out of it. Including, of course, macarons.

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If the idea of a green tea macaron sounds amazing to you - and, let's be honest, it does - then you're in luck. Not only do these morsels of pure happiness exist, but you can get them right here, in Montreal.

Pâtisserie Petit Lapin (342 Avenue Victoria) is a Westmount bakery, best known for their delicious vegan treats that are free of most food allergies. Their litany of delights include gluten free and vegan cupcakes; cakes; donuts; and, yes, even matcha green tea macarons.

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That's right, friends. All the deliciousness of macarons; all the awesomeness of matcha; all mixed into one, convenient sweet. If this sounds like your next fave, don't forget to follow Petit Lapin on Facebook for more information.

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