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Montreal Bakery Now Sells "Vegan Cannolis"

A tasty twist on the world's best dessert.

As someone who's spent her whole life around Italian pastries, I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty: I know a good cannoli when I see one.

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I also know how difficult it is to find a vegan cannoli that both a) is good, and b) exists. Because although cannoli don't look it, they're actually full of animal products.

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Cannoli are usually filled with either ricotta cheese, custard, or - sometimes - mascarpone, which are all pretty much 100% dairy... and 100% not vegan friendly.

But one Montreal cafe has brought this traditional Sicilian dessert into the vegan sphere.

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Cafe Dei Campi (1360 Boulevard Rosemont), located in Rosemont, has started selling vegan cannoli.

Which, honestly, is pretty amazing. Look at how creamy that filling is; look at how perfect that shell is; look at how amazing this cannoli looks!

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For those of us who enjoy vegan food, or have made the decision to go vegan, I think this is a legit dream come true, TBH.

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Seems like your newest favourite food? Then check out Cafe Dei Campi on Facebook for more information.

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