Montreal Bar Builds Stanley Cup Using 22lbs Of Bacon

Imagine hoisting this over your head.
Montreal Bar Builds Stanley Cup Using 22lbs Of Bacon

The geniuses at Bar Brutus have done it again. As a gift to mankind they decided to create a Stanley Cup replica made entirely of bacon. A whole 22-pounds of bacon to be exact. So I guess we didn't have to wait until the end of the hockey season to bring the cup home.

In fact I think I might like this bacon cup better. Maybe it's because this cup is temporary, it won't last forever and it will eventually spoil so it seems more precious compared to the real Stanley cup which is made of much more durable materials. Also it could go at any time because who knows when some drunken idiot will leap across the bar to devour the crispy trophy.

I'm tempted to do so just to find out what's underneath that bacon, is it a giant mound of pizza dough? Or is it just a bunch of cardboard and super glue? Personally, I like to imagine that it's entirely made of bacon and if they ever need volunteers to take a bite out of it to find out, I'll be the first in line.


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