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Montreal Bars & Restaurants In The Plateau May Be Forced To Close By 11:00pm

There is ridiculous and then there is this.
Montreal Bars & Restaurants In The Plateau May Be Forced To Close By 11:00pm

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In a seemingly endless borough-narrative of noise complaints and the desire for nightlife restrictions, the Plateau is now seeking to limit the operating hours of certain restaurants in the area. As always, the goal is to reduce noise, make some Plateau residents happy, while pretty much making the borough less fun and lively, reports TVA.

Targeting "neighborhood restaurants," those close to apartments and homes, the new proposal seeks to force said restaurants to close by 11pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 'til 12:00am on Friday and Saturday.

Apparently, Plateau residents have been getting pissed at newly opened restaurants who serve alcohol and stay open until 2am, much like a regular bar.

The new mandate will only affect new restaurants, and not those that have been in the borough for many years, which seems a little unfair. Well-established restaurants already have a large clientele base, and don't necessarily "need" to stay open very late and make money off of alcohol sales, unlike newly opened resto-bars.

We can't help but think that the borough is kind of playing favourites by punishing new restaurants before they even cause a problem, while leaving old restaurants alone, and free to be open as late as they please.

On the one hand we can understand the Sunday-Thursday time restrictions to "some" extent, as people do need to sleep during the week, but the idea of forcing a restaurant to close at 12:00am on a Friday and Saturday night is needlessly harsh. It's the weekend, even if some Plateau residents don't like to live it up a bit, they shouldn't force the rest of us (and the restos) to suffer.

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