Montreal "Batmobile" Police Car Spotted In The City

Na na na na na na na BatCops!
Montreal "Batmobile" Police Car Spotted In The City

Juvenile and deluded as it may sound, yet still entirely true and something everyone knows in their heart of hearts, is that no citizen of Montreal would ever choose the SPVM to protect the city over the one and only Dark Knight Detective, better known as Batman. Yes, Batman doesn't exist, but if he did, you can bet everyone would want him on the streets of Montreal over cops, fighting crime and corruption while being the ultimate badass. Apparently the SPVM think so too, at least a little.

Getting even more creative with the stickers protesting the Bill 3 pension reforms, one SPVM cruiser was playfully outfitted with a few red stickies outlined to look like the Batman insignia. Uber-batfans like myself will note this is the bat-logo best known from the Nolan trilogy of Batman films, and not the classic rounded-wings insignia of the comics.

The Montreal Police Batmobile is probably the best form of protest we've seen yet, much cooler than the camo pants the police are sporting. We can't say who nabbed this epic pic of the coolest cruiser around (pulled from Facebook) but if anyone knows we'd be happy to give 'em full cred for sharing all things Batman with the rest of the city.

Putting the bat-logo on a Montreal police car automatically assumes the Bats would be on the side of the cops, which is putting a lot of words in the Dark Knight's mouth. Still, we're inclined to believe Batman would support the protest. Wayne/Batman may have a complicated history with the Gotham police force, but he always respected them as peacekeepers and would support their cause.

Besides, Bats wouldn't want Commissioner Gordon to retire without a solid pension-income...nor is he really a big fan of the government anyway. Sorry, couldn't help but get geeky with it, this is Batman stuff we're talking about here.

UPDATE: Looks like Bats isn't the only hero to the SVPM is repping with their protest stickers. One of our readers (thanks Wendy!) sent us the pic below, featuring an SVPM cruiser decked out with Superman's classic "s" crest. What I wouldn't give to see both of these cars rolling alongside each other. It'd be like an Elsewoorld's edition of World's Finest Comics, featuring both crusaders as Montreal police officers. Google those first two nouns if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

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