Paris Hilton Is Coming To Montreal

Your chance to see someone famous this summer.
Paris Hilton Is Coming To Montreal

Because everyone knows Montreal is the best place in the world during the summer, the city always experiences an influx of incoming celebrities during our beloved warm season. In all fairness, the stars typically come to Montreal to film movies, but that's not the only reason.

Case in point: the infamous (for almost no reason) Paris Hilton, who will be kicking off the summer party season at Beachclub on June 25. And this isn't in a Kylie Jenner-style, "gracing us with her presence" kind of thing, Paris is going to legit DJ the whole event.

Yup, in case you forgot, Paris is a DJ nowadays, thus proving that if you're rich, you don't need to be talented in an artistic field to find popular success in it.

All who know Beachlub are aware that the outdoor event space is actually located in Pointe-Calumet, which is about a 40-minute drive out of the city.

But, as with all other celebrity guests who head to Beachclub, Paris will definitely be arriving and staying in Montreal before and after the party, so we can confidently say the heiress shall be in our fair city. What you choose to do with that information (like not care at all) is all up to you.

Paris Hilton's Beachclub party is going down on Saturday, June 25, the very first event to offcially kick-off the summer. You can get more info at the Beachclub event listing here, and tickets are set to go on sale this Saturday.

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