Montreal Beggar Outside Berri-UQAM Forced To Pay +$25, 000 To Quebec

Photo cred - Global News

A disabled  woman on welfare regularly seen begging outside of Montreal's Berri-UQAM station was hit with a hefty bill by the Quebec Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity (MESS), and by "hefty" we mean over $25,000, a grossly large amount for any of us, let alone a person largely living off of donations.

Initially reported by La Presse, the MESS seeks to reclaim a portion of the money the homeless woman received from her "job," which is estimated at $40-60 for the last ten years. The total adds up to $25,738.

Not backing down in the slightest, an MESS spokesperson told Global News that "no one escapes the law" (to paraphrase a bit) and that everyone must report their income, and pay a portion back to the province, of course.

Members of Quebec welfare associations (Comité des personnes assistées sociales de Pointe-Saint-Charles + Front commun des personnes assistées sociales du Québec) are understandably far from happy at the MESS actions, criticizing the province's desire for money while ignoring the situation of the individual. We'll have to agree on that point.

To pay the debt the province is "owed," $56 will be taken from the monthly welfare cheque of another Quebec citizen. So the debt of one woman with little to no money is being paid with funds given to another person with little to no money. Somehow this makes sense to some people.

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