Montreal Ranked #5 Best City In The World For Female Entrepreneurs

Women in the workforce have many more barriers to breakthrough than their male counterparts, no matter where they are in the world. But in some cities, being a woman and an entrepreneur is a bit easier, if only because there are more female business leaders in the municipal area.

Thankfully, Montreal is among the best cities in the world for female entrepreneurs, as the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking has revealed. Basing their findings on the percentage of females who have created and led their own businesses in cities around the globe, Montreal came in at number five.

To give you an exact number, 22% of all startups in Montreal are run by women, not far from the number one spot, which goes to Chicago at 30%. That still doesn't mean it'll be all that easy to start a business in Montreal, though.

While it's great to hear that Montreal has a startup-scene that makes it easier for women to create and lead their own enterprises, the fact that a figure of 22% got the city a fifth place ranking is kind of depressing. 50% should be Montreal's goal, if we want a city that truly embodies equality in the workplace.

For a glimpse as to how Montreal compares to the rest of the world, check out the top ten best cities in the world for female entrepreneurs below:

  1. Chicago - 30%
  2. Boston - 29%
  3. Silicon Valley - 24%
  4. Los Angeles - 22%
  5. Montreal - 22%
  6. Paris - 21%
  7. Tel Aviv - 20%
  8. Toronto - 19%
  9. Singapore - 19%
  10. Kuala Lumpur - 19%