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Montreal Ranked #6 Best City In Canada To Meet Single Women

Finding a partner is a priority for almost everyone. So when you're choosing to live in a city, you may want to consider how much of the population is single and ready to mingle. Finding out that kind of info can be a little difficult (and might seem a tad bit desperate) but fortunately for all you single-folk, the work has been done for you.

Using data from a 2011 Statistics Canada, real estate website Point2Homes analyzed the populations of all of Canada's cities, ranking them from best to worst when it comes to finding single men and women. And honestly, the results are pretty surprising.

Contrary to what you may think, the big city may not be the best place to find a partner, as some of Canada's largest metropolises (Toronto, Vancouver) didn't even make the list. Montreal and Quebec City did, however, with the latter named the best city in Canada to find a single women and the former getting the sixth spot.

Yup, Montreal will officially be known as the sixth best city in Canada to find a single woman. Until the next ranking, of course.

On the manly side of things, Quebec City received the 6th place spot for the best cities to settle down in for men, with Montreal not placing at all.

Obviously the study is a littler hetero-centric, assuming that all single men are going to for single ladies. Women who like women aren't accounted for either. But hey, I guess that's the world we still live in.

Also to consider is the fact that, in Montreal and Quebec at-large, it's fairly common to be partnered with someone but not be married. That wouldn't really be made apparent on a StatsCan census, since "single" is the default option for anyone who isn't legally married, so take these findings with a grain of salt.

The detailed breakdown of the study do provide some pretty interesting insights into Montreal, though,  such as the median income for women in the city and the percentage of single men in the city. You can check out the info in the table below, with the Canada-wide rankings for the best cities to find single men and women in the following image.

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