Montreal Bike Paths Officially Banning Electric Scooters

Photo cred - Sylvain Racicot

Two new city-wide regulations are going to be put into full effect on Montreal bike paths by the end of the year: motorized mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs) will be officially sanctioned to ride on the paths, while recreational electric scooters will be banned.

Montreal transport manager, Aref Salem, spoke about the new rules to JdM, commenting how there is a strange lack of formal laws allowing mobility aids on Montreal bike paths. As it stands now, motorized wheelchairs and like-transports aren't sanctioned in every borough. That will change by the close of 2014, with an approved new regulation ready to go for all of Montreal.

The idea to officially allow mobility aids on bike paths isn't a new idea, as Vélo Québec put forth the initiative as far back as 2011. Salem couldn't comment why it took three years to get the wheels rolling on the new regulations, but later is better than never, right?

Vélo Québec is also a large supporter of the move to ban electric or gas-powered scooters on Montreal bike paths. The president of the organization told JdM that motorized scooters "have no place on bike paths," along with skateboards, which are also technically banned. The large size of powered-scooters and their motors probably have something to do with it.

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