Montreal Bikers Rejoice, This Is The Commuter Suit

Form and function perfectly designed to bike around in.
Montreal Bikers Rejoice, This Is The Commuter Suit

Car drivers never need to choose between fashion and function, so why should cyclists? Thanks to Parker Dusseau's Commuter Suit, no cyclist will have to ever again.

A combination of a two-piece suit and workout clothes, the Commuter Suit stretches to conform to the movements of cycling, and won't ever tear a seam, all while looking super dapper. Basically, cyclists can work in the same clothes they biked to work in.

Functionally-fashionable features of the Commuter Suit include:

  • Specially crafted flexible crotch with a gusset instead of a 4-way seam.
  • Rubber waistband to hold dress shirts in.
  • Fasten-able pants so they never get caught in the spokes.
  • Mesh jacket seams to prevent tearing as you lean forward on your bike.
  • Reflective stripes for nighttime biking.

Take a look at the Commuter Suit through the photos below, buy one of your own at Parker Dusseau's website.

Would you buy the Commuter Suit?

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