Montreal Borough Bans All E-Cigarettes

No vapes for you.
Montreal Borough Bans All E-Cigarettes

Photo cred - eliquidoasis

One Montreal borough has taken the lead on the regulation of e-cigarette use. Come January 20th, e-cigarettes/vaporizers will be officially banned in Montreal-Nord, reports TVA.

More of a change of accepted usage rather than a legit "ban," Montreal-Nord's soon-to-be regulation will ensure that e-cigs are recognized as an actual tobacco product. Quebec's Tobacco Act will then be enforced on e-cig users, forcing them to "take it outside."

Previously, e-cigs were kind of a smoking gray area, allowed to be used indoors and sold in venues cigarettes wouldn't be, like community centers, which worried Montreal-Nord's mayor. Now anyone vaping will need to stand 9 metres outside of a building and underage kids can no longer buy them, the latter being a major point of concern.

The jury is still out on whether e-cigs are as bad (or even worse) for your health in comparison to standard cigarettes, and IMO, that justifies the ban. If a product is even potentially harmful, access should be restricted, especially when it comes to the young folk.

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