Montreal Borough Tuques Are Now A Thing You Can Buy

Show off your pride and keep your head warm inside.
Montreal Borough Tuques Are Now A Thing You Can Buy

You can wear your borough pride on your chest, but what about your head? A toque showing the world your favourite borough seems like the perfect fashion-choice for any Montrealer, and now the whole city can keep their heads warm while showing borough-pride, all thanks to a Toronto-based clothing company. Go figure.

Tuck Shop Trading Co, a fashion and design company that creates clothes inspired by both cottage and city life, recently released their "City of Neighborhoods" line of tuques. Neighoborhoods from Toronto, NYC, LA, and, of course, Montreal, are all featured, with each touque outfitted with a puff ball and a stitched-in neighborhood name.

The boroughs featured in Montreal's tuque lineup are: Griffintown, Hochelaga, Longeuil, Mile End, NDG, Outremont, Plateau, Rosemont, Saint Henri, Verdun, and Westmount. Each hat costs a mean $38, a little pricey, but one we'd willingly pay to rep our 'hood on our heads.

Best of all, despite Tuck Shop Co. being a Toronto-based company, all of their Montreal hats are actually made right here in the downtown area, as part of the TSC's ongoing mission to create products locally. A Montreal borough repping hat made right here in Montreal, so fitting.

Check out the full line of Montreal's 'hood hats and other Tuck Shop Trading Co products at their official website here.

Kudos to Nightlife.cafor pointing out these amazing tuques.

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