Montreal School Recognizes LGBT Teen And Allows Uniform Switch

Setting a positive example.
Montreal School Recognizes LGBT Teen And Allows Uniform Switch

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A huge step towards acceptance has been taken by the school officials of Royal West Academy. According to CBC, a 13-year old student named Bry Bitar has been given permission to switch from the boy's uniform to the girl's uniform. The student, who up until last year was known as Bryan, was being given a hard time at school because of bullies with abuse often becoming physical. Bry became severely depressed and even suicidal.

After consulting with a therapist, the solution they came up with was to switch school uniforms, since that's how Bry felt more comfortable. The family set up a meeting with the school's administration and requested that Bry be allowed to switch from the boys uniform to the girl's uniform. And to the family's surprise, they agreed.

Bry now and uses a separate bathroom and takes part in the girls' gym class instead of the boys' This situation has led the school board to form a committee with the goal of establishing new policies to helps staff and students who find themselves in similar positions.

Bry believes that all schools should promote acceptance by having LGBT clubs and offering support for students.


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