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Montreal Breaks Fall Heat Record

Never before seen Summer weather in October.
Montreal Breaks Fall Heat Record

Yesterday started off like a pretty typical Fall day.

It was dark, it was cold and it was rainy.

But in the afternoon, when the sun came out it got hot... really hot.

I was walking around outside in a t-shirt, regretting the fact that I was wearing tuque (it was too late to remove it, my hair was compromised), when I saw a girl wearing shorts and a tank top.

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That's not something I was expecting to see considering the floor was blanketed with leaves.

Temperaturesreached 24°C and in some areas it hit close to 28°C.

That's 10°C degrees higher than the historical average, and more than 20°C hotter than the average October temperature.

This is the hottest it has ever been on October 18th since 1968 when the temperature reached 25°C.

So I hope you took advantage of this because the next few days are going to be cold and rainy.

There's also a new update from the Accuweather that officially confirms this winter will be the snowiest in years.

Great news for the ski resorts and bad new for everyone else.

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